Emphasising end-to-end customer service, TFox Trading provides unparalleled levels of product sales, marketing and technical knowledge and a continued commitment to the profitability of all channel partners - Vendors, sellers and End Users alike. Our dedicated and experienced team provide Partners with support they need to develop business opportunities and serve their clients better, driving optimal outcomes and empowering revenue growth.

TFox Trading shows the resilience and flexibility needed to maintain our position as one the most successful specialised value-added resellers.



TFox Trading provides a comprehensive mix of sales strategies for products hand-picked to empower your business and enhance opportunities above and beyond traditional methods. Through great partnerships, well-planned distribution means more sales opportunities, simplified processes, and personalized support to enable your product portfolio to thrive.


TFox has an enviable reputation amongst resellers being experts in what we do and doing it with unparalleled quality. Our knowledgeable staff, extensive product range, deep levels of inventory and our commitment to quality is what sets us apart from the competition. We pride ourselves on giving the right product, at the right price, first time, every time. That’s what we call being easy to do business with.


Our passionate team of experts live and breathe sales. We take the initiative to help drive positive outcomes by transferring knowledge to our partners, enabling them to grow their business and bottom-line, besides complete sales-cycle management to ensure total satisfaction and success.

Market Performance

Thinking always about smart, data-driven marketing initiatives to support vendors and sellers in developing customers and market presence, our company works in continuous incentives and value-added programs to assist and reward our team.

We understand the markets and products better than anyone else, and we bring solutions to add value to our customers and partners.

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